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Become Your Own Banker – Did You Know…?

 1.    ... that every time you’ve entered into a lease or financed a purchase through another financial institution you have not only paid them to ‘rent’ their money but you have given up the money that you could have made on this money by investing it (the lost opportunity cost).
 2.    ... that you could begin today to recapture the substantial profits those institutions are making on you and your money?
 3.    ... that you could grow your wealth safely and securely, guaranteeing better than current market rates, regardless of what is happening in the markets?
 4.    ... that when paying with cash for major purchases you lose the money that that money could have earned for you?
 5.     ... that there is a simple path to wealth and financial security that gives you more diversification, peace of mind and in almost all cases far less risk than you presently have.  Would you like to learn more? 
 6.    ... about the legal, binding contract that will allow you to grow your wealth in a tax advantaged document, take it out for retirement tax free and even pass it on to your estate tax free?
 7.    ... that you can create your own financing system so you can eliminate the need for all external financing institutions?
 8.   ... that you may be able to pay interest to your own financing system and take an interest deduction for doing so in some cases?
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